The Crawl Manifesto

We pledge to be:

Art can inspire and communicate change. Through creative stories and active narratives we aim to promote responsible living, encourage dialogue, and transform the ways we engage with our natural world. 

Our approach to learning and teaching is creative, collaborative and immersive. We strive for education that is informed equally by our natural environment and each other, to find innovative and progressive solutions together.

We are committed to the power of localism. If they aren't reclaimed or handmade, all of our products come from environmentally conscious manufacturers in the UK. This ensures transparent supply chains and helps us to strengthen and grow a community of responsible makers. Through our programmes we engage with local communities and UK-based environmental charities. By focusing with those close to us on our immediate surroundings, we have a better chance of helping further afield.

We're sick of waste, and want to produce as little as possible. Our garments are made from recycled, reclaimed, and natural materials, and we work only with environmentally responsible partners.